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Squarespace 7

Squarespace is in the process of releasing our first major software upgrade in over two years. In this FAQ, we've done our best to anticipate and answer questions you might have about our new platform and how it will affect your site. If your question isn't answered here, you can review our Squarespace 7 guides or contact our 24/7 Customer Care team.

What is Squarespace 7?

Squarespace 7 is a brand new interface for our content management system that greatly enhances the usability of our existing web publishing platform. Squarespace 7 makes some significant design improvements to the site management features of Squarespace 6, but most of it will feel familiar if you've used Squarespace in the past two years. You can easily enable Squarespace 7 for your existing site by turning on a simple toggle.

How do I get access to Squarespace 7?

Squarespace 7 is currently available to all Squarespace 6 customers under the “Squarespace 7” tab in the Settings area of your account. If you have more than one site under your account, you’ll need to enable Squarespace 7 for each site individually.

How is Squarespace 7 different from Squarespace 6?

Squarespace 7 is built on the foundations of Squarespace 6. We integrated the framework of Squarespace 6 with a new interface that makes building and managing your site easier than ever. Squarespace 7 uses a new visual language to make icons and buttons clearer, simpler, and more intuitive.  

The platform also introduces live editing, so you can make changes on your site and see how they'll look on the page in real time without switching back and forth from Site Manager to Preview Mode. Finally, certain new features – such as Cover Pages, Google Apps integration, and Getty Images integration – are only available on Squarespace 7.  

Do I have to migrate my site data to use the new interface?

If you are currently using Squarespace 6, you won’t need to start over or import any content. All you need to do is flip the toggle in Site Settings and you’ll be using the new interface in seconds. All features from Squarespace 6 are available in Squarespace 7.

If I toggle Squarespace 7 on, can it damage my site or its contents?

No. Squarespace 7 affects your Site Manager, not your site design or content. If you prefer to continue using Squarespace 6 or experience problems during the transition period, you can easily switch back. The content or design of your site will not be affected by toggling the Squarespace 7 interface on.  

What are the major features that are enabled under Squarespace 7? Will they be made available in Squarespace 6?

In addition to the new interface, you will have access to our Cover Page builder, Google Apps for Work, and Getty Images integrations. These features will not be available in Squarespace 6.  

What happens if I use a feature specific to Squarespace 7, then toggle back to Squarespace 6?

The feature will continue to work, but you won't be able to make any changes to it. Your Google Apps accounts will remain active, any Cover Pages you build will stay visible to your visitors, and any images you license through Getty Images will still appear on your site. However, you will need to re-enable Squarespace 7 in order to add or remove Google Apps accounts, manipulate Cover Pages, or reference previously purchased images.

How long will you be supporting the Squarespace 6 interface for?

All accounts will be transitioned to the Squarespace 7 interface on December 8, 2014. The Squarespace 6 interface will be retired.

Can I move back and forth between Squarespace 6 and 7?

After December 8, you can no longer toggle between Squarespace 6 and 7. At the moment, you can use the toggle in Settings to switch between the two. However, certain features like Cover Pages, Google Apps for Work, and Getty Images integrations will only be available on Squarespace 7.

What if I have a website with another service that I want to move to Squarespace 7?

You can import content from Squarespace 5, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Etsy, Shopify, and BigCartel to Squarespace 7. To move a website on those platforms to Squarespace 7, start a new trial and then import your existing site from your Website Manager. Once the import is complete, click Settings, click Squarespace 7, and then check the box next to “Squarespace 7” to enable Squarespace 7.

I use the Squarespace Developer Platform, and I see that Squarespace 7 uses annotations in templates. How do developers get access to those annotations?

We'll be rolling out annotations and other developer resources for Squarespace 7 in the coming months. Please stay tuned on our blog.

Is there a pricing change in conjunction with the launch of Squarespace 7?

No. Squarespace 7 pricing is the same as Squarespace 6 pricing. Google Apps of Work and Getty Images are priced separately and pricing scales with usage. Click here to view Squarespace's current pricing plans.

How much do images cost that are licensable via Squarespace 7?

Our introductory pricing for images is $10 each. Images purchased through Squarespace are licensed for use on your site at a web-friendly resolution. To obtain further licensing rights for an image, use the link in the interface to obtain those rights from Getty Images.

How much are Google Apps (email) accounts under Squarespace 7?

Google Apps accounts cost $5/user month. To get started with Google Apps integration, click Email under the Settings menu in your website manager. Note that you must be on a paying site and have connected a domain in order to gain access to Google Apps.

Can I upgrade from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 7?

Yes. Create a trial account on and import your Squarespace 5 site in the Settings.

Heather Shirin Neff