Porting across platforms

Porting? What??


As a designer I had never heard the term "porting" before and read this article by http://www.rightrelevance.com

noun, Automotive, Machinery.

1. the changing of the size, shape, or location of the intake and exhaust ports in an internal-combustion engine, generally to improve performance.

So... the question of the day is in response to this article - what changes are you guys making across the platforms that would upset a user? As a branding manager, the look and feel is a given. However, navigation must change from desktop to tablet to mobile. I was wondering if porting your designs effects good UX, then what is considered major changes that do this?

Is it icon use? or are some designers re-invisioning everything from scratch each page? it only stands as a UI designer to work on a 12 grid system that would inline your designs based on screen and retina display. Same elements chosen in a hierarchy of information. Sometimes, yes its very important to eliminate extra navigation (like sub sub navs) to prevent overload on a sandwich menu.... but I need feedback on to how reporting porting works to interfere with the design? Got an idea? Hit me up at heather(at)siteimages.com.

Heather Shirin Neff