Graphics for Speed, Retina Display and SEO Presentation at WordCamp Asheville 2019

Download the presentation PDF to go along with the video.


.JPG - For photos, great file sizes, universally accepted

.GIF - Great for animation .PNG - For transparencies (but can be large in file size!)

.PDF - Portable Document Format (printable & editable) .TIF - Best quality for print in CMYK (largest file size)

.WEBP Images from Google

.SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic (.png can be smaller in size!) Overly complicated vectors will just not display correctly.

.SVG CODE (the CSS code can conflict and this still needs to be rendered (time consuming download) by the browser so keep them simple ie: logos & icons). .SVG XML code can be animated. can animate your files and automatically generates optimized CSS code for all major browsers.


We will work as your personal remote graphic design team based in Asheville NC, that can take all your assets and turn around bold intriguing designs within hours. We can also use Slack or Skype to communicate with your team from anywhere in the world.

We work very quickly and deliver pixel perfect graphic designs to help market your business with consistent branded messages. 

We have extensive catalog and magazine layout experience and have excellent graphic design skills including pre-press knowledge and packaging design. We look forward to working on your next graphic design project with you!  Located in beautiful Asheville NC.

Call for a complimentary graphic design consultation 828-575-7731