Facebook Ads/Instagram Ads

Many times a marketing campaign will require all of your digital channels to take part to get the word out. We recommend setting up a newsletter campaign that simultaneously advertises on social media - all leading back to a custom landing page on your website for the best conversion rates.

If your budget allows, adding print advertisements can also really help spread the word to your audience.

We offer free one hour phone consultations, or let us buy you a cup of coffee downtown Asheville.

Preview our Facebook ad to see how we can animate yours!

Marketing Services Include:

  • Geo-targeted Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

  • Google My Business Set Up and Management

  • Mobile-Friendly Newsletter Design

  • Creating Landing Pages, Coupon Codes

  • Custom HTML for Responsive, Fluid Email Templates

  • Linkedin Marketing

  • Setting up and Management of Social Media Accounts

  • Graphic Design for Online Banner Ads / Advertisements

  • Vendor/Printer Management

FACEBOOK and Instagram ADS

Digital Marketing Asheville NC - We design Facebook and Instagram ads

Get more customers from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using promoted advertisements.  We work with you to design an advertisement campaign which includes a custom image / graphics and marketing copy for your Facebook advertisement and management of the ad. You will be given detailed analytics from your website (Google Analytics), and information from all activity on your first digital marketing campaign. A Facebook "ad pixel" may also be added to your Squarespace website for additional tracking. 

Access to your website will be needed to create a matching landing page for this advertisement to link to.

Your Facebook Ad / Instagram Ad will:

  • Find new customers or “look alike” customers

  • Post content that drives engagement to your website (video ads work the best for conversion).

  • Be geo-targeted to only locals (Asheville NC only for example)

  • Can be targeted to your Facebook page fans

  • Can be targeted to your Mailchimp subscribers

  • Customized demographics of your choice (age, gender, location, etc)

  • Have a customized budget and run for specific dates and times

  • Videos will have ADA compliancey with full text subtitles for when the sound is off and removed if the sound is turned on.

  • Click thru to a custom landing page on your website with call to actions and or coupons


We offer Google My Business and Geo Targeted Facebook Ads

Digital Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means that you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet. Businesses use digital channels such as Google My Business, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. We can help set up and create digital advertisements to run thru newsletter programs such as Mailchimp, and design and manage Facebook and Instagram Ads. We usually do local (Asheville NC) based digital advertising and run geo-targeted ads to the Asheville area.

Additionally we can help set up your social media channels, create social media icons and cover images, review and edit your Linkedin profile, or even help with company email signatures. We help evaluate, dream up, and execute digital marketing campaigns and manage annual marketing calendars. We have over 19 years of full time experience and have helped corporations grow from 100k/yr to over 19 million. 

Online advertising is a mix of compelling copy and eye catching graphics. We will design and manage your social media and digital ad campaigns, that grow your email lists, generate sales leads, and sell products and services. Digital marketing is still the best value for spending your ad dollars, and I excel at designing memorable and compelling ad campaigns to engage your target audience.   

  • Facebook, Instagram Ads

  • Mailchimp | Constant Contact | Active Campaigns Newsletters

  • Helping you Create Landing Pages or Blog Web Pages

  • Contacts for Media and Press Releases

  • Design Print Ads

  • Vendor Management

Let’s set up a free consultation

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Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and sales. We are also experts in designing branded sales collateral. The team at Neff Creative will create bold, intriguing designs for your website, newsletter, blog, social media and other digital channels as needed month to month. We also have years of pre-press / print management experience for all your graphic design needs.

Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Cloud, Branding and Style Guides, Wireframing, User Experience and User Interface (UI/UX) Design, Mailchimp, Social Media Networking Administration and Integration. WordPress, Squarespace content management systems. HTML, QR Codes, Microsoft Office. Typography, Iconography, Mobile App Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Digital Illustration (Infographics) and Slack.

Heather is a highly skilled professional with great creative drive and talent. She is well organized and always delivers an excellent finished product on time. I have worked with many graphic designers over the years and Heather stands out as being exceptional, posessing a wide variety of skills and a great working attitude. Her work speaks for itself, as does her experience.
—  Joel Schantz, Marketing Director, Celtic Sea Salt®
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