Facebook and Instagram Ad Questionnaire

For this conversation please bring the following information:

  • Time Line: when do you want to start running ads and for how long?

  • Budget: how much money do you have to design the ads?

  • Ad Budget: How much money do you want to spend a day? A week? A month? Is there a lifetime budget for the entire thing?

  • Do you want to run A/B testing between two ads?

  • Is this part of an over all campaign? Newsletter? Website landing page? Facebook Event?

  • Do you have your logos and images collected and ready for us to use?

  • Is your logo in Vector format?

  • Who is your target audience? Age? Gender? Research your demographics

  • Do you want an animated ad? A rotating image ad? A single photo? A video ad?

  • If a video, do you already have one? Is it under 60 seconds?

  • Where does the ad link to? Your website for more information?

  • What does the ad say? Have you written the ad copy yet?