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Company Address
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Personal Phone
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Company Phone for Website
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We don't begin phase two - developing the site until we receive all your content.
Note: international businesses might require GDPR compliancy
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Choose which pages you would like to see designed? 10 pages are included in your website package, all others are done on an hourly basis. Please note, many items like testimonials do not always require a dedicated page and will be scattered around the site as needed. Check off all that apply and we will work together to finalize the website navigation.
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Please choose what photos and images you have to work with:
You will need to provide images, copy, prices and skus. Shipping rates, return policies, privacy policies, and many other questions will be required to run an online store. Do you have events? Software downloads? Physical items? Please answer the following:
Please let us know if you want the hours to display on your website or not.
List as many search terms you think are relevant to your business: such as "wedding florist" "bridal bouquet" "flower arrangements"
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Will you want to be compliant to AB 375 and any other additional US laws that require cookie notifications, privacy policies, and terms of use? These laws now effect all United States websites that meet certain criteria.
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Add ons to your Squarespace website package can be done hourly.
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Note: website projects typically take 4 - 8 weeks. Ecommerce and larger websites 6 - 12 weeks.
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You will need to upload all photography and logo files to your Google drive folder. Please contact Heather Neff for more details if you have not yet be invited to your new folder to start your Squarespace website package.